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My father used to say, “Chuck doesn’t do anything in halves.” He was right: sometimes its a virtue and sometimes a curse. He and my mother taught me to cook, sometimes using cookbooks, like Julia Child's, but more frequently just winging it. This site is a roller coaster ride of recipes, articles, ingredients and anything else that involves cooking and presenting food. There is something here for everybody from beginners to experts.

New England Cooking School

As a natural extension of I am organizing a cooking experience in New England. The location is our house in Mystic CT. This is an incredible spot where I plan to retire. As a result, it is fully equipped and set up for serious cooking. The house has been in the family since it was built in 1946, and has been meticulously maintained. The view is better than just about any restaurant and the local ingredients are simply phenomenal.

My goal is to provide a vacation experience for people who are interested in cooking and in saving $. Check out my article comparing restaurant costs to what you can do at home. I am developing a series of New England themed dishes that make use of local ingredients and involve a minimal amount of effort. All the equipment is there and I will have complete instructions on how to prepare a dish, and where to get the best ingredients. I am also working to set up a kitchen cleaning service so vacationers will have more time to relax.

Cooking Temps

Chicken breast 165

Chicken thigh 170 or more

Pork med well 145

Pork med 140

Rack of lamb med rare 131

Beef very rare 125

Beef rare 130

Beef med rare 135

Duck Breast 126

Salmon med 118

Disclaimer: USDA stds dictate much higher temps. To be super safe, cook everything until it is dry and crunchy