So you have a recipe. It might be already typed in your computer, or a recipe card, a picture scanned recipe, or maybe just a page in a book. It is easy to submit any of these variations.

The two ways to submit a recipe: 1) Fill out the form below and click submit 2) Send the recipe to

If the recipe is already in your computer, you can simply cut and paste it into the form below or send it in Email.
If the recipe is in some other format you have 3 options: a) re-type it b) take a picture of it and just submit that c) Dictate it. Really? Sure, its really simple.

To dictate a menu. Open Email on your iPhone, probably other smart phones as well, start a new Email, move curser to the body section and click on the little microphone icon next to the space bar. For ingredients you say blah blah blah new line " 1 cup water new line" "1Tabelspoon salt new line" and you will get a nice list of ingredients. You can also say "period," "comma," "new paragraph," "exclamation point," "Degree sign,"etc for punctuation. If you want to pause, just click done and the click the microphone to restart.

If you want to make a change nor add pictures later, just send them with the form or by Email