I don't use use recipes, I just cook. Some recipes are complete and some not so much. Got a question or need more detail? Ask me. If you try a recipe please leave a comment about how you liked it, or didn't, and any variations that you did. Recipes are not scientific formulas, and it is useful to see how ingredients and amounts can be altered to get a different result.

Perfect Strip Steaks

Another example of the incredible reverse cook technique. You cannot go wrong, and most of the cooking is done well before you serve! Perfectly cooked steaks every time.

finished steak

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Same Day Pizza Dough

This is a super fast dough that saves the day when you haven't planned far enough ahead to ferment the dough overnight. The beer and vinegar simulate the by products of longer fermentation of dough. This recipe uses a relatively high hydration % of 0.7 (water weight/flour weight). To calculate how much water to use, multiply the weight of the flour by 0.7 to get the weight of water to use. If you don't have a digital scale, get one here before you make your next pizza.

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Smoked Boneless Leg of Lamb

The instructions are not super precise because they don't need to be. You are marinating the meat overnight then tying it up and smoking it. If you don't have a smoker, get one. In a pinch, you could do this in a regular oven without the smoke. To serve, simply slice and serve or make a sauce for it. I have done this for 180 people and it turned out perfect

Boneless leg of Lamb
garlic 2 cloves
Rosemary 1TBS
olive oil Kosher Salt
2 TBS kosher salt
1 TBS Dijon Mustard

Boneless leg of lamb

Take the meat out of the netting that it comes in. Save the net, and throw out the temp thing. The roast will start at 4-5 lbs and will lose a total of about 40% with trimming and cooking.

trimmed leg of lamb

The roast has a hole through it where the bone was. put a knife through the hole and cut it open at its thinnest point (see pic). It will look like a roast with a hole in it. Make a cut so you can lay the meat out flat. Cut as much fat off as possible as well a any tough looking bits. The fat contains the "gamey" flavors."

seasoned leg of lamb

Sprinkle salt and crushed pepper on all sides of the meat. Combine crushed garlic , mustard and rosemary and smear it on the inside surface. Put roast in the refrigerator overnight.

Take out the roast and fold it back the way it started. put your hand through the net, grab the end of the roast and pull the net off your hand and around the roast. Simple! I added a piece a kitchen string lengthwise to compress the roast and make it a bit more round.

lamb ready for smoker

Fire up the smoker to 225 degrees. Put the roast in the smoker and add your wood chips. I like applewood for this. *** Important. Use a thermometer that reads the meat temp while the smoker door is closed. Make sure the temp probe is in the center of the roast. Cook until the meat is 138 degrees. This will take around 3-4hrs.

Slice and serve however you want to. In the picture, I very lightly cooked the slices in garlic, 3 tbs cream, a splash of worcester sauce, and 1 tsp whole grain mustard. I aded a few drops of lemon juice at the end to cut the heaviness of the cream

Pork Tenderloin with Chipotle Maple sauce

Here is a great example of a reverse cook using pork tenderloin. The tenderloin is slowly baked to keep it from drying out and getting tough. It is then seared at high heat using an infrared thermometer to monitor pan temp. "Geez, that sounds awfully scientific." Well the thermometers are cheap, and it means you can reproduce this dish time after time without any difficulty. Professional chefs don't do this, they are cooking the same dish over and over, but sometimes they screw up and over or undercook.Pork with chipotle sauce

If you aren't a pro, you can get as good, or better, results by using technology. You can use exactly the same approach to other meat as well. A key is to get the temp probe tip in the middle of one of the medallions. I put a couple of the pork pieces together and run the probe completely through one piece and into the center of the second piece. This holds the probe securely and gives the most accurate readings.

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Slow roasted smoked Tenderloin

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Chicken Piccata

This is basic state/fry meat, cook veggies, deglaze (add broth), thicken, and serve process that can be easily modified. Everything is optional except the basic process of sautéing chicken and other stuff, adding broth, and finalizing the sauce. Chicken thighs are used because they don't dry out like breast meat, so the timing isn't very important. Vegetables, bacon, and Worcester sauce are not typical in this dish. I use them to build the savory flavor, called umami, while adding texture and curb appeal.

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Braised Hog Jowl

Jowl with fat removed
1 can chicken broth
2 TBS Fig Jam
1/2 cup port
cartelized onions, mushrooms
Hot sauce or chipotle pepper powder to taste
Salt/pepper to taste

Brown the sliced mushrooms, and onions, and anything else you want to use like carrots, fennel etc. pour in the broth and port. add the pork and smear the top with the jam

Bake at 200 for about 6 hrs uncovered

Cook some pasta and mix it with the braising liquid
Slice and serve


Rack of Lamb with Shiraz Mushroom Sauce

Make perfect rack of lamb at home? Absolutely, better than at a restaurant with this can't fail recipe.

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Pork Medallions with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

pork with red pepper sauce

Here is a really good dish that features simple ingredients and perfectly cooked pork. Fast, very easy to reproduce. The sauce has nice deep flavor with some mild smokey heat from the chipotle.

The real key to this dish is perfectly cooked pork tenderloin. Searing in clarified butter produces a delicious brown crust and slow cooking in the oven with a digital thermometer produces moist incredibly tender pork. Be sure to check out the article on cooking meat by temperature

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Salmon Magic

his is a great way to cook salmon.

When cooked, the salmon fuses into a single piece that leaves guests wondering how you did it!

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Chicken Thighs Braised with Ancho Chili and Shiraz

Killer Dish!! This is the number one asked for recipe I have developed. Hearty, super-tender chicken with deep complex flavors that can be made a day ahead of time!!

Get this down and it will become your go-to dish for company. Inexpensive, easy and can be made for a small group or a crowd.

The wine doesn't matter. Any fruity red can be used, but Shiraz is economical and it is hard to buy one that isn't pretty good.

The key is using chicken thighs because they won't dry out like chicken breast. You can't overcook this

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