I don't use use recipes, I just cook. Some recipes are complete and some not so much. Got a question or need more detail? Ask me. If you try a recipe please leave a comment about how you liked it, or didn't, and any variations that you did. Recipes are not scientific formulas, and it is useful to see how ingredients and amounts can be altered to get a different result.

Sausage, scallops, shrimp

No precise recipe here, because we didn't use one. The key points are:

1) Alter the recipe based on fresh ingredients that are available. If the scallops don't look good, don't include them.

2) Don't over cook the seafood. Cook and remove to a shallow pan so you don't have a mountain of cooked shrimp with the center ones getting overcooked. You can try to add stuff sequentially in the order it should be cooked, but this frequently fails if you aren't ready to serve just as the last item is perfectly cooked. Better to throw the time sensitive stuff in just before serving

3) Don't overcook sausage. Most folks cook sausage at high heat. Don't do it! The fat melts and runs out of the sausage with all the juices leaving dry overcooked sausage. Slow cook it in an oven set at 225 until the internal amp is 160. After the slow cook, you can grill or pan sear if you want to

4) Get the salt right. At the end, if you aren't sure take a little sauce and add a touch of salt and see if it is better. You will frequently find that a little more salt is needed, but this method lets you test the theory without committing the entire batch to the experiment.

5) Prepare your seafood ahead. Clean the scallops, remove the tough piece of tendon, get every speck of sand off, drain in colander and dry with paper towel. Remove shell and vein from the shrimp and pat dry.

What we did

a) Cook the onions first with some clarified butter (ghee) or other oil/fat. Remove from the pan.

b) Add a little more ghee and get the pan to 400 degrees (use infrared thermometer) or till it just starts to smoke. More ghee and drier scallops will stick less. The scallops can be cooked until just barely opaque at the center or a little less than that. They are not poisonous if cooked med rare since they can be served raw as sushi. Remove the scallops.

c) Briefly cook shrimp until they are just barely opaque all the way through. Remove shrimp.

d) Saute 10 cloves crushed garlic for a few minutes. Don't brown it! Add a cup of white wine to deglaze, then add onions, a couple cans of whole tomatoes(Red pack, Muir Glen, or authentic DOP certified San Marzano), fresh basil, salt and pepper. Kick up the heat if you want with hot sauce or better yet some chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Add the sausage and simmer about 20 minutes, finalize your seasoning then add seafood and serve. Super simple, fresh, and easy cleanup!

cooking fresh shrimp and scallops

Seared Scallops

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