I don't use use recipes, I just cook. Some recipes are complete and some not so much. Got a question or need more detail? Ask me. If you try a recipe please leave a comment about how you liked it, or didn't, and any variations that you did. Recipes are not scientific formulas, and it is useful to see how ingredients and amounts can be altered to get a different result.

New York Style Pizza dough - Traditional

Here is a recipe for basic pizza dough from from https://www.pizzamaking.com/lehmann-nystyle.php The key to good dough is the flour you start with and measuring the flour to water ratio carefully. I find that it works best if you slowly add the flour to the water while it is mixing. This helps to start gluten formation and is easier to mix. It is easier to do by machine but it can certainly be done by hand.

New York style use All Trumps Flour

Neapolitan style use Caputo 00

This formula produces a somewhat thin crust with a tough, chewy texture. from https://www.pizzamaking.com/lehmann-nystyle.php requires 12-72 hours before it is ready to use

Here is a 1 day fermentation recipe that makes three 12" pizzas

Flour 588 gms 21oz
Water 360 gms 12.75 0z
Instant Yeast 3 gms 1 teaspoon
Salt 18 gms 1 TBS
Olive Oil 6 gms 1.3 teaspoons
Sugar 6 gms 1 1/2 teaspoon

This makes a dough that is 63% water (166/263). It is much better to use weight for flour and water measures, rather than volume, because 1 cup of flour can weigh anywhere form 125 to 155 gms

Standard Dough Making Procedure: Put water into the mixing bowl, add the yeast, sugar and flour, mix at slow speed and gradually add half of the flour. Add the yeast, salt and the rest of the flour. Mix at low speed for about 2 minutes, then mix at medium speed until all of the flour has been picked up into the dough. Now add the oil and mix in for 2 minutes at low speed, then mix the dough at medium speed until it develops a smooth, satiny appearance (generally about 8 to 10 minutes using a planetary mixer).

Immediately divide the dough into 3 pieces and round into balls. Wipe the dough balls with olive oil, and place into individual covered containers and put in a refrigerator.

The dough balls will be ready to use after about 12 hours of refrigeration. They can be used after up to 72 hours of refrigeration with good results. To use the dough balls, remove a quantity from the cooler and allow them to warm at room temperature for approximately 2-3 hours.

This calculator can be used use thickness factor of .075-.1, 3% salt, 61% hydration, 0.5% yeast, 1% sugar, 1% oil

Here is a 4-8 day 4 day fermentation recipe

Flour 500gms 18oz
Water 305 gms 10.75 0z
Instant Yeast 1.4gms .5 teaspoon
Salt 12.5 gms 2 1/2 teaspoon
Olive Oil 5 gms 1 teaspoon

Start with about half the flour and all the IDY in the mixer. While mixing with spiral hook, add the water and mix until thoroughly combined. Rest a couple of minutes. Then add about half the remaining flour and kept mixing. At this point it turns from batter to really wet dough and the hook has a chance to really develop the gluten. A couple of minutes of this on settings 1 (and 2 for a bit) and I you see the webbing forming. Add the salt and mix a bit more. Rest a couple of more minutes and add the remaining flour and I mix for the final time. Just a couple of minutes does it. The dough should be smooth. Let sit for a few hours at room temp. Divide into 3 parts and round the balls, pulling the outer skin tight. Oil the containers and the doughs (I use the Gladware round containers) and put them in the fridge for a nice long nap. Make the pizza on day 4 to 8.

This makes a very loose dough. Put plenty of flour on your surface before you start to work with it. When forming the balls, soak your hands in water for ten seconds or more to keep the dough from sticking

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