Here is the inside scoop, secrets, pearls of wisdom, and other stuff that will turn you into a super-chef who can offer gourmet meals to crowds without breaking a sweat. As a bonus, you will be able to provide off-the-cuff dissertations on a variety of highly detailed cooking issues to educate your friends and to bore otherwise innocent partygoers into a state of stupor.

Pork Butt

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Pork Shoulder, otherwise known as Butt

Night Before - Injection Juice (apple or pineapple) Worcester, salt, sugar. Apply Rub to surface

Day of - Smoke at 300-350 Degrees. cook 2-3 hrs, spraying with apple juice every 30min

Wrap - Sprite, juice, water, sugar, Rub (Killer Bee, or Sweet Honey Pecan, ghee


Pork Ribs

Night Before - Apply turbinado sugar, a cane based, minimally refined sugar, and Kosmos Sweet Honey Pecan rub and let sit overnight

Day of - Apply additional rub and smoke at 275 degrees to set rub and color, about 2hrs

Then wrap in a double layer of foil
- Splash with apple or pineapple juice
- Ghee (clarified butter) or spray with Parkay (not a typo)
- More rub
- Place meat side down and seal

Bake @ 300 degrees until tender


Early Release article in progress. More to come

The brisket has two parts, the Flat which is typically sold in supermarkets and the Point, which has more fat. The flat cut is the leaner of the two, with a long, thin rectangular appearance and is distinguished by a layer of fat called the cap It is way cheaper to buy the whole thing at a meat supply called "Whole brisket," "Packer Brisket," or "Double Brisket."

Night Before - Inject across the grain, with Cosmos Reserve Blend mixed with beef stock and 1 TBS of Better than Bullion(low sodium). After injection, apply Bovine Bold Rub to the outer surface, and refrigerate overnight

Kosmos Q Reserve Blend BBQ Beef Brisket Injection 16 Oz Mix KOS-RESINJ ...

Dinner 1/23/17 Roast – ME AND MY LITTLE

Plowboys Bovine Bold Rub 12oz - Vuur & Rook

Inyección D Carne D 2 Onzas 304 Acero Inoxidable C 3 Ag1219 | Mercado Libre

Day of - add extra rub to any areas lacking rub from the night before

Smoke @ 300 degrees about 2-2.5hrs to set the rub and get good color.

Place in aluminum foil pan, with the same liquid used for injection; The brisket should be covered 1/2 to 2/3 with liquid. Seal with foil and cook at 300 degrees until tender (internal temp will be 208-211 degrees) 2-2.5 hrs

Perfect Pan Seared Salmon

Perfectly cooked pan-seared salmon is delicious. I am frequently asked how to cook it. It is simple, maybe too simple. Really? If it is so simple why do restaurants manage to botch it up so badly? This is tough to answer, but I rarely order it a restaurant because it is almost guaranteed to be overcooked. This article shows you how to get it perfect every time.

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Everything You Need to Start Smoking Food at Home

Smoking food at home allows you to create incredible meals that the best restaurants can't do. I've been smoking food since high school. I've been through a lot of smokers. My current philosophy is to make it as easy as possible and you will use it. Don't limit it to BBQ. I use for fish, roasts, turkey, leg of lamb, and steaks. The amount of smoke can be varied, so a prime rib can be slow cooked with just a hint of smoke.

1. Selection - I'll make this easy. Get a Masterbuilt digital, electric smoker. 30" is big enough for most folks. Look for sales, on the Walmart site. A window in the front is worthless, a remote control is nice for cooking in inclement weather but not critical and the ones with bluetooth seem to get mixed reviews. Charcoal smokers are cheaper, but a pain to use and controlling the temp is difficult. Pellet fed smokers seem to have more stuff to break and they really don't solve a real problem.

This one is no frills $220.

I really like the "cold smoking unit that attaches to the side of the smoker and replaces the internal smoke generator. It allows you to smoke at lower temps and to control the smoke a bit more. Do a search for master built cold smoking. It is much smaller than it looks.

Here is a cover on Amazon, more durable than the Masterbuilt brand

Get Applewood chips. Period.
Get a thermometer that can read the temp of the oven and the food like this

That is all you need to get started. Simple to use and and failsafe.

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