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Super Crunch Salmon

My favorite salmon is done over lump charcoal or lightly smoked. If I'm doing it inside, I want some crunch. My recipe for Salmon with vegetables is pretty good but I wanted more crunch, The kind of crunch that will set off your glass break detectorsI wanted a better crunch out of my salmon. This can be used for all kinds of stuff, but the first thing I did was salmon. I did not want this at the expense of overcooking the fish. I decided to try a trick I read about years ago for making crusts and batter crunchy. Vodka!

The Batter I used was 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup corn starch and 1/2 tsp Baking powder and enough vodka to make a thin batter. I dusted the top of the fillets with flour first to create a dry surface for the batter to adhere to then I smeared the batter on the top surface of the fillets. I left the sides and bottom plain without batter.I then sprinkled a small amount of Panko bread crumbs on the batter coating. I then cooked them exactly they way I did in Salmon with Vegetables. I made a quick topping with mayo and mustard.

Hands down better than the crust I got from just cooking the salmon plain. Great crunch with perfectly cooked salmon

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